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Hello, my name is Job. Job van der Zweep. I like computers and skeletons. And stuff. I like cats very much also. Here's a cat getting pet :D That brings me to my cat I have a cat but I wouldn't pet her that way because she might then bite or something I don't like that but I can pet her differently I love my cat

Also I need to update this website badly, this is my old april fools joke page, I don't know what to do with my personal page

You are on my new and improved website on the world wide web. I hope you like it I have put in a lot of effort . Don't you like it>??? DON'T WORRY! ITS STILL UNDER CONSTTRURCTION!!!@@@@! ;)))))NBSP Oh did I tell you I like bitcoins they're like coins on the internet now you can have a lot o muns using bitcoin TODAY1!!

Egyptians were buried with their arms crossed because they believed there were countless of waterslides to ride in the afterlife?[citation needed]

JobThat's my name
WeightNot very
Political viewsConfused
Games I like to play: Stuff I like to do: Stuff I like to eat:
  1. Pizza
  2. Pizza
  3. Pizza

You know I once was watching tv early in the morning like 4 am because I was sick and I had temporarily insomnia and then this ad popped up it told me I could get very good cooking pans for a little price and I thought of all the possibilities and then it got even better because if you ordered one you would get another one for free plus a small one and some useless napkin or something idk but yeah I thought about it cuz then I could marry someone and i have those pans in the closet secretly then one day she tells me she wants to brake up with me and then I get the pans and throw them at her wouldn't that be wonderful and then we go to a terrace and we get together again and everyone was nice again but then on the terrace I hear someone scream HAIL XENU and then he exploded with great impact and she then dies and I cry as a skeleton because I exploded too but didn't die and many other people survived as skeletons it had something todo with cthulu the nice monster I can't remember that part of the story it's sad because it was really cool yeah but that didn't stop me from chacing my dream of becoming the best ice cream seller of the universe even if I was a widow skeleton so I went to the ISS and became it and I was very happy and stuff and then I die

This website is actually not made by a 13-year-old 1996?